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The most powerful online tools for targeted drilling and practice tests. Analytics to identify weaknesses and video lessons to fill in knowledge gaps.
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Powerful Question Bank

Practice comparative reasoning on Necessary Assumptions or frames on Stacked Ordering games. Zoom out by working on conditional logic on all question types. Start with the basics and work your way up with 5 levels of difficulty. Previously administered official questions, PrepTests 13-90.

video library

Video Library

Review every topic of the LSAT with lessons on game types, passage topics, question types, reasoning structures, formal logic, abstract flaws, and more. Be more efficient with your prep and cover topics in 20 minutes instead of typically an hour in a classroom. Access video lessons from relevant topic pages or directly from your study plan.


83 Practice Digital LSATs

Take your practice tests on the new Digital LSAT interface.

  • PrepTests 13-90
  • PrepTest June 2007
  • PrepTests A, B, C, and C2

Available practice test settings: LSAT Flex, proctor mode, blind review, and common time accommodations. All tests are available as individual sections.


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Analytics That Power Higher Scores

While others only report missed questions by type, our analytics dig deeper to look at miss patterns according to set type, set feature, question type, question feature, trap answers, and difficulty. With this clarity, you identify areas for practice more narrowly and reduce how long it takes to master the LSAT.

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