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Identify your strengths and weaknesses with a real LSAT practice test. Learn strategies for every LSAT topic. Organize your work with a drag and drop study plan. Measure your improvement and set learning priorities with timed sections and full-length practice tests.

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The most powerful online tools for targeted drilling and practice tests. Analytics to identify weaknesses and video lessons to fill in knowledge gaps.

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Powerful online tools and an engaging live online class make HighPass the best place to master the LSAT. Ask questions and get help from LSAT experts, Matt Sherman (creator of HighPass) and Patrick Tyrrell (head of Academics).

83 Practice Digital LSATs

Take your practice tests on the new Digital LSAT interface.

  • PrepTests 13-90
  • PrepTest June 2007
  • PrepTests A, B, C, and C2

Available practice test settings: LSAT Flex, proctor mode, blind review, and common time accommodations. All tests are available as individual sections.


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